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We are very excited to introduce our newest wrap in our Double Helix Chapter. Introducing Villa-Komaroff’s Double Helix.

Villa-Komaroff’s DH is woven on an ecru cotton warp and hot pink mercerized cotton weft.

After the first wash, the wrap breaks in immediately. ... is a medium weight wrap and breaks in to be cushy, comfortable and soft. Perfect for all wrappers and wrappees.

Villa-Komaroff’s Double Helix will be listed on our website, Sunday August 26th at 6pm EDT under our Geeky Chapter. 100% cotton.

290gm2 3- $170 4- $180 5- $190 6- $200 7- $210 8- $220 9- $230 Blankets- $125

Wraps will come with a non-matching handmade tote. Blankets will come with a screen printed tote.

Many thanks to our official photographer Jade Chiu for these amazing pictures! Image descriptions will be on individual pictures.

Villa-Komaroff’s Double Helix is inspired by the Cell biologist who engineered bacteria to make insulin and a founder of SACNAS - Lydia Villa-Komaroff: (1947-) . During her undergrad, a teacher once told Villa-Komaroff: “Girls don’t belong in Chemistry.” So the young scientist changed her major to biology and got into MIT for grad school. There she learned how to splice genes from one organism into another as part of her work in David Baltimore’s lab. She completed her Phd in 1976, but soon after, her career hit a snag: Spurred by fears of “frankenstein” creatures, Cambridge, MA’s city council banned recombinant DNA experiments, forcing Villa-Komaroff to scrap her plans for Harvard postdoc. The lab she was working with moved to Cold Spring Harbor, where none of the experiments ever seemed to go right. Fortunately, Cambridge’s ban lasted less than a year, and the lab was able to return to Harvard in 1977. Six months later, Villa-Komaroff and her colleagues sucessfully spliced a mammalian insulin gene into a bacteria, proving that bacteria can build human proteins if given the right DNA. That finding opened up a whole new biotech subfield where researchers use microbes to build medicinal proteins. Villa-Komaroff is also an outspoken advocate for STEM diversity and during her MIT days was a founding member of The Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS), which has grown to be one of the largest STEM diversity organizations in the world. , Women of color in Science are often overlooked despite providing major contributions to the field. To learn more about some important women in this field, here is a great resource.

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